Enjoy The Adventure!

We feature a very active outdoor program with numerous camping, fishing, canoeing, hiking experiences. We put our training to the test!

Hiking in the mountainsAppalachian TrailBoy Scouts on Mount Williams

Camping & Activities

1. Scouts must stay until they are picked up at the end of the activity, unless arrangements have been made with the Adult Leaders for the Scout to leave early.

2. All Scouts must use the “buddy” system while at campouts and all other activities.

3. All Scouts must get an Adult Leader’s permission to leave the campsite, and must check back in preferably with that same leader.

4. It is everyone’s responsibility to see that our campsite or area is kept in a neat and orderly manner

5. When arriving for an activity, a Scout must be sure to check in with an Adult Leader. When a Scout is picked up from an activity that boy’s/girl’s parent or responsible adult must check the Scout out with the Adult Leaders. We have to account for everybody!

6. All Scouts must be in camp by 10:30 PM with lights out at 11:00 PM unless permission is given by the Adult Leaders.

7. It is everyone’s responsibility to see that we leave our campsite in better shape than we found it!

8. Campout money will be handled under the “dues and financial obligations” section of the general rules.