General Rules For Meetings & Activities

All organizations need a set of rules to operate smoothly. Most of the time these rules are general in nature because you cannot anticipate every situation that comes along.

The general rules of this Troop are the Scout Law and common sense. The Scout Law will give you most of the guidance you will need to peacefully co-exist with your fellow Scouts and keep yourself out of trouble.

Responsibility: All Scouts, Troop Leaders and Adult Leaders must be familiar with and follow these rules.

Safety: It is the responsibility of everyone from the Adult Leaders to the newest Scout to ensure that Troop 7 operates in a safe manner so that we all can have a program that is as free from injuries and other tragedies as humanly possible.

The Troop will follow the guidelines in the B.S.A. Guide to Safe Scouting for all its activities.

Controlled Items: B.S.A. specifically bans the use of certain items by youth members. Some examples are oversize knives and liquid fueled stoves, lighters etc. If a Scout is caught with one of these items it will be confiscated and returned to the boy’s parents at the end of the outing. Other items may be restricted if in the opinion of the Troop Committee they pose a problem for the Troop. If you have a question if something is illegal, please ask!

Electronics: In this age of portable media, it is necessary to have some control over what types of electronic devices are allowed on Troop activities, and to regulate where and when they are used. We ask that Scouts do not use cell phones during the day and when Troop activities are going on. Support your Troop! Use your phones on personal time or during breaks. Because of the many different age groups in a Scout Troop, all types of video media will not be allowed. Many videos or movies, even cable shows are not appropriate for all age groups. Please leave video devices home.

Healthy Eating: Troop 7 is working on having food plans that encourage healthy eating on both the Patrol and Troop level. The Adult Leaders must approve menus for weekend activities. Scouts are also highly encouraged not to bring high sugar or caffeinated drinks.  “Monster” drinks or other of this type are not allowed.

Uniforms:  The Class “A” uniform consists of a BSA uniform shirt with the proper patches and rank, merit badge sash, the green Troop 7 hat with his/her name written inside, and his Scout Handbook also with his/her name written inside the front cover.

  • The Class “B” uniform consisting of the green Troop 7 shirt and hat is worn on Troop outdoor activities and where otherwise specified.
  • Uniform shirts may be removed during games but must be replaced afterward.
  • The uniform should be worn ideally with Scout pants. If you don’t have these, a pair of dark trousers, preferably dark green are acceptable. Sports attire, pajama bottoms and hats other than the Troop 7 hat are not acceptable. If you are coming from a game or practice, bring along a small bag with your proper uniform. We will find a private place for you to change. Military fatigues or BDUs are not acceptable at most Troop functions. BSA is not a military organization and hasn’t been since 1910.


Scouts are expected to be on time, in proper uniform and ready to participate in the evening program.

  • Class “A” uniforms are worn on the first meeting of each month and when required by the Troop or Adult Leaders. Class “B”s are worn the rest of the month.  Scout Camp or COPE shirts are not appropriate for meeting wear unless otherwise noted.
  • The Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders should wear the Class “A” uniform to all Troop meetings.

When Scouts come to a meeting or event, they must stay until the end unless other arrangements have been made with the adult leaders in charge.

Scouts who drive cars or bring bikes or skateboards to a meeting may not use them or allow others to use them until the meeting is over.

Scouts must willingly obey the instructions of both adult and youth leaders. The Senior Patrol Leader is in charge of the meeting and activities.

Scouts must be courteous to all persons at the meeting in and outside of the hall.

Scouts are expected not to use foul language and must conduct themselves in a manner as to not bring discredit upon themselves, their families or the Boy Scouts of America.

In the times before, during, and after the meeting, all Scouts must remain in the same area and stay away from any areas designated off Limits by the church.

It is our responsibility to leave the meeting hall clean and neat. Service Patrol must accomplish this before they leave. If the Service Patrol is not available, everyone is responsible to clean the hall.