Membership Fees, Fundraising & Other Financial Obligations

Membership Fee: Boy Scouts of America and the Troop has annual membership fees. This fee is payable before the Troop re-charters, usually by mid November.

The Boy Scouts of America membership fee is an annual membership fee for being a member of the Boy Scouts of America along with an insurance fee. The Troop Membership fee help’s offset some of the Troop’s expenses such as merit badges and other awards, program materials, some event fees, misc. expenses.

Food expense money: When we go camping, hiking, etc. the Patrols plan, purchase and shop for their own food when required. Ideally, money is collected before the event and given to a designated “shopper” in the patrol. 

Fundraising: Several opportunities are provided over the Scout year to help with the cost of Troop activities such as camping trips, summer camp, and other daily Scout activities. These fundraisers include annual Popcorn Sales, Car Parking for the Brimfield Flea Market and Christmas Wreath & Tree Sales in addition to other miscellaneous fundraiser activities that the Scouts may decide to run.

Financial Assistance: For those Scouts that need finance assistance funds are available upon request as needed. No Scout is denied participation in a Troop activity based on current financial situation.